4 Points to Consider When Developing Your Site

While there are many, these are a few useful points to go over that can lead to more fluid development and growth for your site.

Content isn’t just a filler:

When we need it fast and creativity is running low, our blogs can become rather redundant, or gray, perhaps not even for the intended audience. Before we know it, we’re spitting out blogs that mean nothing to our audience, leaving us to face our wasted time and useless blogs about “How to bake your favorite pie”, on a site where people come to read about chemical engineering.

To the point. When writing a blog, keeping the audience in mind should be your main goal. All of your content should mean something to your audience. While a lot of content is good, it has to be relevant, and that line can often become blurred in our race to produce blogs at a faster rate. Having a lot of content can work hand in hand with SEO strategies, but that just lures the crowd in, you need good content to keep them coming back. Every blog should teach your audience something new about the subject you have presented. In this case, quality over quantity is important. If your blog doesn’t inform your reader, make sure it entertains them. Your ideas are endless, just make sure they’re meaningful. If you are doing this right, you will see that it’s hard work. With practice you can crack that creative egg open, and you’ll always be a constant source of information and entertainment for your audience.

Mobile Marketing is a necessity:

Today, smart phones are used more than any other device. If we can all agree with that then we can agree that Mobile Marketing is just as important as any other form of marketing we use. In a time when we are all the on the go, your site is more likely to be visited by a mobile user than someone sitting at their desk with a laptop. So having a mobile friendly website is important. All in all, mobile marketing is a must, and if you’re site isn’t mobile yet, join aboard, it’s a senseless way to be left behind.

Don’t Neglect your Analytic tools:

Continual improvement should be a goal for the sake of your audience. Using your Analytic tools is a way to see when and where you need to make those improvements, and Google is a pretty awesome source for those tools. If you need help spotting trends to keep up to date content, Google Trends is a tool for that. There you can see, in detail, what key words to use or what topics are being discussed the most, good for developing SEO strategies. And Google Analytics is a great tool for analyzing how people respond to your site, or how influential your social media accounts are. If you would like to read more on that, head here: 5 GOOGLE ANALYTICS METRICS YOU SHOULD CHECK DAILY.

Social Media is a must:

Why wouldn’t you use social media? What does the world almost seem to revolve around today? FACEBOOK. Remember when everybody had a Facebook and you were the one person who opted out, trying to remain true to your inner-hipster. Well you gave in right? Now you must give in again. Social Media is a place for businesses to meet on the same grounds as their audience. There they can see you are just another guest, and have comfort knowing you are a person, not a computer. This is also just another great opportunity to share your blogs or content with your audience. Rather than bringing the audience to you, you can take your content to them.

If you have these 4 points covered, your site is already on better grounds. Over time these points will prove themselves to be important in your Website’s expansion.

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