Invest in your content to grow business

As we know content is central to any digital marketing strategy. It’s what attracts people to visit a website. According to HubSpot, B2B websites that blog receive 67% more leads than those who do not. This makes it imperative to develop original content if you want to grow online.

So, we know content is critical to driving traffic. We also know that we need to push our content to our audience. We do this with tactics such as social media posting and email marketing. Now with both of these tactics we have already acquired the interest of these people. Whether it was by them submitting a form in which you gained their email, or following you on Facebook. But what about the millions of other people that would enjoy and benefit from your content.

This is where investing comes into play. All social media platforms allow you to push your posts to targeted audiences of your choice. Let’s make an example of a real estate agency.

You’re trying to drive potential home buyers to your website. So, you write a blog about “The 10 Keys to Buying the Perfect Home”. The blog is perfect and you share it on your social media sites. Now, your blog will only bee seen by the people that are following your pages. Now, you could get a bit more from followers sharing or tagging your post with hashtags. This is the idea surrounding inbound marketing. But, many small business owners do not have the following for this to be growth effective.

We fix this by investing in our content and paying to push to an extended audience. With these advertising platforms we are able to set up a precise targets to receive our posts. This means we can set our audience to, Austin, Texas, ages 30+, interested in home buying and are in a relationship. Now, the different social platforms will have different ways of targeting. But they will all yield the same result if properly done.

By setting promotions to our posts, we are reaching both our audience and target market. This means our posts will now be seen by 1000s rather than 100s. The better part is, social media advertising is cheap and we can set rules to only pay when someone clicks. This means you’re reaching a larger audience and only paying for people that click your post.

With a small investment, you’re increasing the effectiveness of both your content and digital strategy.

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