Keeping the Flow of Motivation

As an entrepreneur of any kind, time can be a precious gift. Amid all the chaos of emails, meetings, and running a website, time can slip away, turning days into hours and hours into minutes. The weekend comes and you find yourself still working, trying to catch up on any missed work. Then when Monday rolls around you have to hit the ground running. With our time can also go our motivation, but with an ever growing to do list we simply aren’t able to slow down. That motivation has to come from somewhere.

In digital marketing everything is constantly growing and changing, and we have to do our best to stay ahead developing our sites and producing fresh content. Productive becomes a word we live by. But it’s hard to be productive when motivation is running low. Our tanks full of hard work are not as bottomless as they may seem to others. Burning out is a problem we are all at risk of. And when all our time is consumed with work, it’s almost bound to creep up on you soon. Finding that inspiration is vital to keep pushing forward.

Finding that treasure chest of motivation can be different for everyone. For some people it just comes naturally by work itself. That motivation can be found when writing a blog, selling a product or service, or even just running around scrambling to finish the next task. Others of us have to find that motivation elsewhere.

With such little time, where do we get this motivation? As stated earlier, it can be different for everyone. Some of us can just put some headphones in and cruise through the work day. Some of us can carry a thought that fills us with the passion to excel at work. If you have trouble getting that motivation to flow along with your endless work schedule, here’s some simple methods to help with motivation around the office.

Setting Goals:

When we accomplish goals we award ourselves with little mental achievements, and reaching these achievements makes us feel more motivated to accomplish even more goals. Setting small goals leading to bigger goals can help with focus and working harder. This one can be a given, but you’ll surprised as to how motivating this simple method is. Write out tomorrow’s goals, and the day after that, the next day’s goals. After accomplishing a series of these small goals each day, you’ll want to continue the streak every day.


Change is always good for shaking things up. Instead of working in the office every day, grab your laptop and head off for another location. And for those that don’t have that option, rearrange your office, lean that cardboard cutout of Elvis Presley up in the corner, paint your desk, bring a hobby to work. Do anything to shake up the normal. If you come to work in the same office, with the same tools, in the same clothes, with the same attitude, you will become like stagnant water. Your office will be no more motivating than the waiting room at a dental clinic.

Realize your effect:

Knowing your importance can make a world of difference. Whether you are just an employee for a large company, or an entrepreneur running a business, it’s always good to see how you help. Analyze how far your business has come, or how much you are depended on at the office, what your work will do. It can be nice to enjoy the guilty pleasure of reviewing all of those positive emails received from clients. Seeing how much of a difference you make in your environment or even the world around you can be enough motivation to help through the hardest of times.

Motivation is vital for anyone. For some it’s harder to come across, but can be found in any corner of life. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right mindset, but where ever it is it’s very important to grasp. It makes the difference between meaningful work, and lousy work.

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