How to Make the Best Landing Page

Let’s think about that landing page. The purpose of the landing page is to provide your audience/leads with a place to submit their information, as conveniently as possible. In return, you can offer a service of some sort, or a product. Really simple, in fact, some landing pages revolve around just that, simplicity.

The basic ways your audience will reach your landing page is through Call to Action options left throughout your website or others, attracting leads through social media, and then Email marketing. For some sites the landing page is even the home page.

So making an effective landing page. To make an effective landing page it has to be designed and laid out in a way to convert the most leads. This can become a pretty complex process with how everything has to be laid out just right. And there are many many ways to do it.

Some pages just focus on getting the leads information and nothing more. The goal is to keep the leads focused on what is important. They provide no other links to any other pages and your only option is to exit or fill in your info. This seems more like a hostage situation, but hey, whatever works. This method of landing pages has proven itself successful. With just the basic info given, and a clear statement of what you offer in return for their info, it really couldn’t be more simple. Some designs for these kinds of pages only involve a few basic colors, so what is important stands out, keeping the focus of the leads on filling in their info. You really need to know your audience though, and what would appeal to them. If your page is too bland and empty, your conversion rate won’t be much better.

While some landing pages are directed more toward simplicity, some focus on very informative pages. These pages are perhaps more audience friendly. They can often times walk you through the process of filling out the information. Some of these landing pages will tag testimonials from other customers for leads to come across, and have appealing imagery and colors to fill the space. All of this, creates the desire in the leads to fill in their info. In a way, it’s welcoming and promising.

What makes the best landing page then? Landing pages should be different for every kind of audience, so you have to be creative when it comes to design. This is where knowing your audience comes in handy. Interests, age, work, these are all important to know. Using what you know about your audience, you build your landing pages around that, increasing the odds of those leads converting into customers. Analyze your social media, subscribers, get to know your audience. Do you think your audience would appreciate a landing page with good imagery and plenty of information, or do you think a simple click and enter page would suit your audience?

As they say, the more the merrier. More landing pages just allows you to obtain a much wider variety of audience. Create a landing page for each of your social media accounts.

Some mistakes to avoid when making those landing pages:

  • Requesting too much info. You don’t want to wear your leads about by the sight of all of the fill in boxes you have left them. A little bit of simplicity is good here. If you have to, request more information on a follow up page.
  • Don’t let your landing page look too generic. It doesn’t spark the attention of your leads, and they are more likely to think they are signing up for some site that’s already having budget issues.
  • A very common mistake is having the Call to Action button hidden in a collage of articles and page links. You want it to be easy for those leads to become conversions.

There are a lot of options when it comes to designing a landing page, just make sure it suits your leads. If you study your audience and design many landing pages effectively enough for them, you’ll have a head start on converting leads.

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